Nikole Pasica 75 (Temerin, Serbia)

About Temerin

The territory of the municipality of Temerin is located in the southeastern part of Backa - 20 km from Novi Sad.

The municipality of Temerin has three settlements: Temerin, Backi Jarak and Sirig.

Temerin is mentioned for the first time in 1332 in the receipt by the pope, issued to Laurentius de Temeri, the parish priest, for the payment of the papal tax. Temerin, which was part of the Kingdom of Hungary at the time, probably got the name after him. It was inhabited predominantly by the Roman Catholic population.

Temerin is a multicultural community and its basic characteristic is the cohabitation of two ethnic groups - Serbian and Hungarian. Settlers from Bosnian Krajina brought with them their customs, old crafts and skilled hands.

The most famous resident of Temerin was certainly Lukijan Musicki, who contributed to the Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic alphabet in adding the letter “đ”. Lukijan Musicki was a Bishop of the Eparchy of Gornji Karlovac, a poet, bibliographer and librarian in the Metropolitanate of Karlovci.

According to the unofficial data, Temerin has the longest street in Serbia - today's Novosadska (formerly Marsala Tita Street) is 12.5 km long. When coming from Novi Sad, people first enter Backi Jarak, which has 142 house numbers. Upon entering Temerin, the numbers start from the beginning and go from 2 to 694.

Novosadska street is particularly interesting because even today, despite the trends, it maintains a combination of traditional and modern appearance.

Photos: Andrej Filipovic
What to visit in Temerin

January International Wine Fair

The fair is of international character, and apart from local winemakers, it also gathers winemakers from Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Slovenia. A record number of 761 samples of wine was realized in 2010. The festival is among the largest wine tourism events in Serbia (and the Pannonian plain), and gathers thousands of visitors - wine lovers.

Simple as Beans

"Simple as Beans" is a traditional manifestation, inspired by our culinary tradition. It takes place every June at Temerin Fairground, where more than 200 teams compete in cooking beans, with a rich accompanying programme. On those days, with the help of sponsors and friends of the event, a large humanitarian lunch with over 3,000 portions of beans is prepared in Temerin, and the funds collected from voluntary contributions go to those who need help the most.

What to visit in Temerin and its surroundings?

- "Tájház" native house (1 km from Garni Hotel "Tepic")
- Large Olympic swimming pool (1 km from Garni Hotel "Tepic")
- Thermal-mineral waters in Temerin
- Old castle "Secen" ("Kastel")
- Ethno-park "Brvnara", Backi Jarak (5 km from Garni Hotel "Tepic")
- National Nature Park "Jegricka" (20 km from Garni Hotel "Tepic")
- Shopping in inexpensive boutiques