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Garni Hotel "Tepic" is a concept that includes a hotel, a restaurant and a celebration hall.

A place where tradition, cultural heritage and history meet.

Our beginnings reach back into the past and to the widely known "Stari Rubin", the first private restaurant in Temerin, under the leadership of Djurika Sakac.

Located in the very center of Temerin, the restaurant exudes opulence of the Austro-Hungarian tradition, as evidenced by every little corner of it.

Although in a new guise and with a modern catering concept, we maintained the spirit of tradition which makes us distinguished.

In each of the three segments we tried to preserve the tradition, from the ambience and character, to the atmosphere of our family hotel.

We are proud to have continued the tradition of the previous "Stari Rubin" restaurant, which was famous for its old Hungarian dishes and traditional cuisine for more than 30 years. We have been blending traditional and modern recipes and enriched the cuisine with new colourful and unique dishes, while preserving the old good specialties that launched this restaurant to the very top. "Stari Rubin" was the cradle of the famous "Temerin Schnitzel", which you can even nowadays find in our menu offer.

To sum it up... Our concept offers you a unique experience, fine dining, modern accommodation, a place to relax, enjoy and celebrate. All in one place!

Come and see for yourself the quality of our services!

Garni Hotel & Restaurant Tepic
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